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The winner of the 69th Berlin Film Festival and, as a result, the winner of the Golden Bear Award was the Nadav Lapid’s film “Synonyms” with a release date in 2019, the trailer of which is freely available. In the Russian hire this drama will arrive on April 25 of the same year. Her rating of expectations by our viewers is rated at 99%.

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Big Spoilers for the Game of Thrones 4 Series - It's Just the Beginning

Huge spoilers appeared on the network with plot details just before the release of 4 episodes 8 of the Game of Thrones season. Read or not read - you decide. But this time everything is true, since the information is confirmed by screenshots, and even excerpts of videos. Only one thing is clear, the creators of the series are not going to give the audience a break after the large-scale battle for Winterfell.


Horror is an infrequent genre in Russian cinema, but now more and more paintings are appearing that are becoming known not only in the post-Soviet space, but also in the world. The premiere of the film “Dawn” will take place on January 31, 2019, and he is prophesied to become a vivid example of how Russian cinema, shot in a genre unusual for the whole country, wins the love of the audience.

10 TV shows that are cooler than any movie

Gone are the days when TV shows were something secondary, superficial and cheap. Their budgets are now inferior to films intended for rental in cinemas. But perhaps this is what allows them to experiment, to search for new subjects and circumstances, without focusing on a possible failure. As a result, all the most interesting things are happening right now in this area.

In the wake of your favorite movies

Christopher Moloney, a Canadian photographer and movie fan, created a series of photographs called Filmography, where scenes from famous paintings are mapped to real-world locations. “Home Alone” “Breakfast at Tiffany's” “Clever Will Hunting” “Doctor Who: Angels Capture Manhattan” “Avengers” “Avengers” “Reality-Changing” “Annie Hall” “Men in Black 2” “Black Swan” “Elf” ” Step forward 3D "" The Dark Knight: Revival of the Legend "" Chorus "" Elementary "" The Devil Wears Prada "" Sex and the City 2 "" Spider-Man "" Spider-Man "" Madame Maid "" Captain America: Captain America: The First Avenger “Friendship sex” “Catch me if you can” “Letter to you” “Letter to you”

5 good Russian TV shows for which it is not a shame

The domestic film industry is scanty for masterpieces and interesting subjects, preferring cheap consumer goods written on its knee to good scripts. However, even in the midst of this slag, some pretty good jobs come across that will come to your parents, if not for you. We have chosen five Russian TV shows that are worthy of spending several days of our lives on them.

Films about business, motivation and success

It is unlikely that there will be a man who would refuse to become a millionaire. But what is the secret of truly successful people managing large corporations? Consider a selection of cool films about finance, business and start-ups, which will be useful not only to novice entrepreneurs, but also to ordinary people seeking personal growth.

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Zahar Berkut

How much is known about Ukrainian cinema? “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka”, “Viy” are paintings that first come to mind, however, they were shot back in the days of the Soviet Union and long ago became classics. To draw conclusions whether the creators and actors were able to recreate the ethnic atmosphere in the film “Zakhar Berkut ”Can be from the trailer or already this fall - the release date is set for autumn 2019.

The Addams Family

In 1991, a fantasy comedy called The Addams Family was released, which was immediately highly praised by critics and spectators and even nominated for the best costumes at the Oscars. The main characters are loved by many, therefore, after 18 years, fans and fans can rejoice, because the cartoon Addams Family is released in 2019 with a known release date and voice actors; trailer and animation frames are available below.

Review of the movie "Scarecrow" (1983)

Release Date: September 14, 1984. Genre: Drama. Director: Rolan Bykov, Arkady Haight. Cast: Kristina Orbakaite, Yuri Nikulin, Elena Sanaeva, Dmitry Egorov, Ksenia Filippova, Anna Tolmacheva, Marina Martanova. Duration: 127 minutes / 02:07 Age limit: 12+. Much has been said about the cruelty prevailing in the adult world, but few have thought about what generates childish selfishness and inhumanity.

Batman (2021) - Pattinson contract, filming in London and other news

Twilight star Robert Pattinson officially signed with Warner Brothers to shoot Batman directed by Matt Reeves. Let's talk about the latest news and rumors of the casting, the start of production and the plot of "Batman" (2021). The fashion for Pattinson returns to Pattinson again by ear. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s big spy blockbuster ("Tennet") and was officially appointed the dark knight.


Many of us in childhood loved to sit near TVs and watch a beautiful fairy tale from Disney Studio about a fearless boy, princess, monkey and blue gin. Yes, this fairy tale is returning to the screens in a new format, thanks to Guy Ritchie, who created the 2019 film Aladdin (Aladdin), whose actors are known, and the trailer can already be seen.

What remains behind the scenes on Instagram

Every day, thousands of people on Instagram publish photos that are designed to create a new identity for them - beautiful and stylish. But what is behind these pictures? About this - the original photo project of Thai photographer Chompo Baritone, which demonstrates how fake Instagram shots can be.

Dune - what is known about filming

At the moment, in the world of cinema, the shooting of the future science fiction film 2020 "Dune", directed by Denis Villeneuve, is in full swing. The filming process began on March 18, 2019 in Budapest, where the majority of the crew and the actors arrived. On March 30, filming will be transferred from Budapest to Jordan, as in the summer season in Hungary it is very hot, however, when the temperature drops, the team will return to Hungary.

Review of the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975)

Original title: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Release Date: November 19, 1975. Genre: Drama. Director: Milos Forman. Cast: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Michael Berriman, Peter Brocco, Dean R. Brooks, Alonso Brown. Duration: 133 min. / 02: 13. Age limit: 16+. "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is a great movie.

5 best female detective series

Women are undoubtedly the best detectives. They tend to notice the intricacies of complicated cases, compare facts, accurately search for traces and evidence. They never sit still and are constantly on the move, being in search of valuable information and important evidence. Our portal has prepared 5 of the best series with female detectives in the title role.

9 weird films that only a few will understand

It’s one thing to watch movies from the top 250 that have hit millions of people; it’s another thing to spend an evening watching a strange movie “not for everyone”. Today in our selection you will find just such films. They do not always have high marks from critics and viewers, and their stories are sometimes so famously twisted that most people would prefer to click on the “stop” and choose another movie - easier, simpler, more intelligible.

Paradise Hills (2019)

The trailer for the film Paradise Hills (2019) is already available for viewing, the actors and release date are known - the premiere was scheduled for January 26, which is associated with the annual holding of the Sundance Film Festival. The film project impressed the audience with its atmosphere, rich aesthetics, as well as beautiful costumes. Russian viewers and film critics have yet to see the premiere.

Will I come out, Robot 2

Perhaps more than one generation has grown on the work of the American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. In his stories, he saw a future inextricably linked with technology. And based on his works, back in 2004 they shot "I, Robot" with Will Smith in the title role. Since then, discussions about the continuation have not stopped, because the audience would love to see the further development of events.